Companies That Donated Millions

To Fight Racial Injustice & Inequality

Companies Taking A Public Stand In The Wake Of George Floyd’s Death

Numerous companies have made public statements against racism and injustice and announced donations and other displays of support since the death of George Floyd unleashed protests across the United States starting on May 26th.

Although far from complete, below is a long list of corporate reactions to the critical issues our country is facing. This list is not offered as an endorsement of these actions — indeed some have been publicly criticized by people questioning whether the companies involved are “practicing what they preach” in the way they manage their daily operations.

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Here are the companies donating to racial justice causes

Protesters have assembled in all 50 states to express their outrage, grief, and anguish over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor who lost their lives at the hands of police.

Brands, corporations, and retailers also are adding their voices by publicly speaking against systemic racism, hatred, and violence. A growing list of companies are also announcing their pledges of financial support by making contributions to relevant nonprofit organizations to advance the cause.

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