Role Models

A Convicted Felon Turned Her Life Around:
The Ms. Pat Show Just Renewed for 2nd Season

Patricia Williams on 20-year career, Netflix special

Patricia Williams is known for being brutally honest, outrageous and hilarious. She just nabbed her first hour-long standup special on Netflix. CBS News' Michelle Miller spoke to Williams about her 20-year career.

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Breakin Through Barriers

2 Black wine experts opening doors for people of color in their business

Sommeliers, or "Somms," are wine experts, professionals who've studied grape varieties and the history of vineyards around the world. Jamie Yuccas spoke with two Black Sommeliers, leaders in a business that historically has been overwhelmingly white, who are paving a path for people of color.

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Youngest Chef

He started working in the kitchen as a kid alongside his dad and eventually became the youngest “Iron Chef” in history. Today, Marc Forgione runs three restaurants, and is building a fourth, as he constantly refines his approach to simple but exceptional American cuisine. Jeff Glor speaks with Forgione for “CBS This Morning: Saturday’s” The Dish.

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