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Buying Auto or Repairing Auto

Basic Steps on How to Buy an Auto (car, SUV, truck, etc.)

  • Determine How Much You Can Afford Based on Your Income, Expenses, & FICO Score by Applying for an Auto Loan at Your Bank or Credit Union (they typically have better interest rates than auto dealerships which may result in lower monthly payments) 

  • To Find Reliable Autos Within Your Approved Loan Amount Google

    • Reliable Cars Under $5000.00 (or enter your approved loan amount)

  • Compare the Data From the Various Sources From Your Google Search to Determine the Best Auto for You

  • Consult Your Bank or Credit Union's Representative or Their Car Buying Program for the Best Places to Buy Your Auto  

Free Auto Repair Estimates (on labor, parts, etc. in your area) & How to Find an Auto Repair Shop

  • Estimates Honored at 2,800 RepairPal Certified Locations Nationwide

Auto Repair

New Auto Repair Parts Much Cheaper 

  • You can Buy Auto Repair Parts Online at a Discount (approximately 10% - 15%+) 

  • You Can Have Auto Parts Delivered or Pick-up at Store

  • To Find Locations Google 

    • New Auto Part Stores Near Me 

  • Review Website for Online Option​

  • Follow Instructions to Make Your Purchase

24 Hour Emergency Auto Roadside Assistance -  Auto Not Starting, Flat Tire, Towing Service, etc.

  • Repair Shop Recommendations & Deals on Auto Repairs

  • Discounts on Travel - Air, Hotel, Auto

AAA Auto Repair & Auto Emergency Roadside Service
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